10 Important Things to Consider When Buying from Online Curtain Shops

10 Important Things to Consider When Buying from Online Curtain Shops

Curtains are a crucial element of the interior design of your home. They are so much more than just pieces of random material inside your house. Aside from keeping the light out and give privacy at night, they provide the overall aesthetics of the house. Curtains give us an idea of what kind of ambiance we want ourselves and others to feel. It presents the general vibe or energy of the room.

10 Factors to Consider when Shopping from Curtains Shops Online

Picking the proper curtains may be complicated and confusing especially if you will buy online. To help you, here are 10 essential things to consider when buying from online curtain shops.

1) Colour

The colour of the curtains will depend on you. The idea is that the colour of your curtains should blend with your interior decor. For a more cohesive and professional look, the curtains should be coordinated with the colour of your wall.

You may opt to repeat the wall colour. For example, if your walls are white, choose curtains that are ivory or cream – as long as the colour is no more than two shades darker or lighter than your wall. You may also choose monochromatic or solid colours.

Complementary colours are a classic choice. Complementary colours are the colours which sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. Blue and orange, green and red, and violet and yellow are the most common complementary colours.

Otherwise, keep it neutral. Shades of black, blue, and white are popular choices. These include grey and ivory.

2) Fabric

One critical thing to consider when buying from curtain shops is the type of fabric you want for your curtain.

Your choice of fabric will depend on the function of the curtain. If you want more sunlight to enter your home, lightweight fabric is recommended. Light cotton, linen, silk, and faux silk are the best choices for this.

Sunlight fades fabrics over time, and that faux silk tends to be the most durable against sunlight. Suede or velvet fabric would suggest a colder vibe.

3) Length, Width, and Lining

Before purchasing from curtain shops, you must already know the length of your curtain. This is done by beginning to measure a few inches above the top of the window (including the position of the hooks). Your measurement will end depending on your preference. For a more traditional look, measure until the curtains puddle on the floor or sill (about half an inch above the floor/sill). For a more modern and contemporary look, just line the skirting and let it fall on the floor.

For the width of your curtains, add around four to eight inches on both sides to create fullness. This will also help block out unwanted creeping light.

4) Print and Patterns

If your furniture or bedding have prints and patterns, stick with curtains with solid colours or no patterns and vice versa. It is recommended to use curtains with prints or patterns with solid-colour and non-pattern furniture.

5) Rod

Consider the rod used. Before buying you should be able to check which type of rod the curtains will hang from. The most common rods are classic rods, return rods, track rods, and tension rods.

6) Wet or Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is much more expensive than cleaning with a washing machine. This might affect your decision of buying which type of curtains. So, you might consider the washing instructions of the curtains before purchasing.

7) Ready-made or Customised

You could also consider buying either a ready-made curtain or something customized. Ready-made curtains would be cheaper and quicker to buy. However, tailored and customised curtains would cater more to your liking. You personally choose the material, dimensions, and design.

8) Maintenance

Research or ask if the curtains require certain maintenance procedures. Some may be quite sensitive to dust build-up and moisture. Some materials do not do well together with too much cleaning especially with vacuum cleaners and its heat. Regular maintenance will either lengthen or end the curtain’s life if you are misinformed on how to take care of it.

9) Warranty

Check how long the warranty of their product is, if there is any. When you buy online from curtains shops, always compare their warranties along with their prices and features.

10) Consultation

Since you are buying from online curtain shops, you might want to seek consultation from professionals. There is no substitute for a more hands-on experience from touching and feeling the fabric itself with a consultant by your side. Request an appointment with Watson Blinds and Awnings for your consultation needs.

Remember to consider all the things above before you decide on purchasing the curtains for your home. Do your part, and you will find the curtains doing theirs of giving you an aesthetic and conducive home to live in.

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