Affordable CBD Oil, Is It a Scam?

Affordable CBD Oil, Is It a Scam?

Some deals are just too good to be true…right? With the recent explosion of largely unregulated CBD into the consumer market, there is more choice than ever for who to buy from. In reality, there’s only one way to judge the quality of a CBD product, and that’s through their lab-report, commonly referred to as a Certificate of Analysis (COA). There are two main things to look for on a COA, does it have the cannabinoids the product claims to have and has it been tested for pesticides and heavy metals. Other than those two attributes most individuals would have a hard time deciphering what makes a “quality” CBD product.

Before we can discuss an affordable CBD product, we have to look at the average cost. For this example, we’ll use a 500mg full-spectrum cbd oil, with the average price sitting at 80$. This 80$ average is inflated due to a few premium outliers that have driven the average up considerably, where in reality the “top” brands are closer to the $60 mark. So for the purpose of comparing the quality to the price, we will use $60 as the benchmark for a “good” quality CBD oil.

After a quick search, “Plus CBD oil” is often referred to as the best quality CBD. After taking a look at the COA for one of their CBD oil products, they do check all the boxes, they have an accurately labeled bottle, a good mix of active cannabinoids, and no pesticides or heavy metals. The price tag on this bottle was $62.95, right around our adjusted average price. Now that we have a benchmark of a fair price to quality, let’s look at America’s top affordable CBD oil, Dollar a Day CBD.

$1 a Day CBD operates differently from other CBD oil companies by offering “an affordable CBD oil subscription, only offering one product at one price”.  As the name suggests they are the cheapest (legitimate source) for CBD oil on the market. The big question is, does their price affect the quality of their product. Unlike “Plus CBD” I didn’t have to hunt through their website to find their COA, as theirs was posted right on the home page and then again under the product description. I was honestly shocked when I saw their COA, they didn’t just offer a full-spectrum product, theirs was also a whole plant extract (compared to a distillate this is considered to be the cream of the crop) with a good mix of active cannabinoids, and no pesticides or heavy metals. So at half the price of the average, only 30$ for a 500mg bottle, Dollar-a-Day CBD might be single-handedly busting the myth that Affordable CBD oil is lower quality.

Although this is only one company providing legitimate and affordable CBD, this can provide hope that as the industry grows CBD will become more accessible to those who need it most. It is still necessary to be cautious of who and where you’re buying from but at least we know we don’t have to write off brands for being more affordable.

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