How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Sewer Main in Monclova?

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Sewer Main in Monclova?

Trenchless Sewer RepairingIn case you were wondering, a sewer main is that sewer line responsible for connecting your home to the main sewer line in your city. Replacement could prove to be quite expensive. The average price is $2,308, and that’s just for repairing a cracked line. In some cases, the cost of replacing a sewer main can get as high as $10,000, especially when lines are running under a street, sidewalk or driveway.
So, the question is how much could it cost for repairing your sewer main? If you live in the Monclova area of Ohio and have the need to replace your sewer main, you’re probably dreading the mess and the cost. There are several specific steps that are normally involved, including:


1. Diagnosing the Problem

First of all, a professional could introduce a camera into your pipes in order to determine the problem in your sewer line. It may make the entire job seem a bit pricier, but it could save you money in the long-term. This is because it can reduce any unnecessary replacement or repair costs.

2. Excavation

The main reason for sewer main repairs being so costly is based upon the fact that it’s located underground. That could mean that it’s under your lawn, garden, patio, or driveway. In some cases, it could be running under more than one of those. In a normal sewer main repair, your yard could require excavation or your driveway might have to be jackhammered before the repair crew can even start accessing your sewer main. In fact, the actual repair that is necessary isn’t even the most costly part of the entire repair process. It could involve a simple removal of some tree roots that have become overgrown. Or, maybe it just requires replacing a piece of pipe. It is actually accessing the sewer main that is the most expensive part of the job.

3. Repair

Your sewer main could be repaired using something called Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP). This is a repair technique used in the trenchless process that utilizes the installation of fabric lining that is saturated in epoxy and applied to the existing sewer lateral.

4. Cleanup Following Repairs

Once repairs are effected, then everything has to be put back the way it was. This can be another big expense since lawns may need re-sodding, gardens re-planting and patios or driveways re-built. This can all be very costly, but the fact is that you can’t ignore a sewer main problem.

However, repairing your sewer main doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to tear up your entire yard. Actually, modern day technology means that your sewer main can be repaired without destroying your beautiful lawn, garden, patio or driveway. This technology is called trenchless sewer main repair and it could be a viable option for your sewer main repair job for a number of reasons, including:.

A. The process could help by reducing the cost of repairing your sewer main.
B. The result is a sewer main that is trouble free.
C. The impact on lawns, gardens, pathways, and irrigation systems are minimal.
D. There is also a minimal interruption in your everyday lifestyle.
E. And, the bottom line, of course, is that there is less of an impact on your pocketbook.

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